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Being in a big city like Houston means there are tons of resources for caregivers if you know here to find them. This is why AARP in Houston started this podcast. The idea is to help highlight the exact partners and programs you might need as a caregiver. We have discussed programs in Houston, but what is available to our neighbors around us? What happens if you live in Waller, Fort Bend or Galveston County? What are your options there?
This week, AARP Texas is putting a spotlight on consumer protection. Unfortunately the issue of fraud hits close to home for many Texans. A recent federal government report says reports of fraud and other consumer problems were more common in Texas than in most other states in 2017.
Pendrive and text with tax conceptual.
As tax time approaches, AARP’s Fraud Watch Network and AARP Texas are joining in efforts to help Texan taxpayers avoid criminal imposters who aim to defraud them.  The problem is serious, with the Federal Trade Commission reporting that tax fraud ranked second in 2017 in types of identity theft reported, as over 82,000 reports were made last year.  But a new poll from AARP, which surveyed 1,005 Americans by phone, reveals that people may have a false sense of security, as three-fifths (62 percent) report they’re either extremely confident or very confident in their ability to detect fraud.
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