Do you know ways to help keep your aging loved ones from losing money to scams and fraud? We’ll share important information that could help you keep them safe during our free webinar.
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Caring for a parent, spouse, or other loved one can be a 24/7 job that is emotionally, physically and financially difficult. That’s why AARP works tirelessly to support family caregivers, striving to make your big responsibilities a little bit easier.
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Our online Q&A sessions can help you keep your loved one secure.
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Are you a caregiver in the Ogden in need of some respite, rest, and resources?  Come to a free educational series designed to help with all of that!  Starting Friday, March 16, 2018 and continuing every Friday through May 4, 2018, this conference will delve into such "real world" issues for caregivers, as follows:
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AARP Utah Executive Council member Amanda Lambert is a geriatric care manager and owner of Lambert Care Management, LLC; after her years of experience working with older adults and seeing families struggle to find and afford care for elders, she approached her colleague and friend Leslie Eckford about writing a book on the subject.   Given the huge growth in the number of older people that is coming both in Utah and the country, as a whole, this book is well-timed to help families cope with caregiving responsibilities, and will prove to be an indispensable tool to in the entire decision-making process for how best to provide care.
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In a state whose legislative session is only 45 days, AARP stands ready to score some wins for state residents 50-plus when lawmakers meet beginning Jan. 23. AARP Utah’s legislative priorities for 2017 include retirement security, support for family caregivers and access to affordable health care.
AARP is pleased to offer webinars this month that can help you with work, caregiving, technology, and more!  These resources are part of our e-Programs on topics to help enrich our members' lives.
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It has been a whirlwind legislative session with a lot happening but as of last night it has come to a close. I want to thank you and all of the other great AARP advocates who stayed informed, got engaged, and made their voices heard to their legislators. I can’t stress enough that without your involvement, we could not do the work we do!
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