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by Kathy Stokes
 by Kathy Stokes, AARP Fraud Watch Network
Avoid holiday scams this season
As we enter the holiday season, it pays to be vigilant to avoid scams or slip-ups that could put a damper on your celebrations. Here are some ways to keep your holidays happy.
from Kristen Keckeisen of the AARP Fraud Watch Network
With the holiday giving season approaching, a new survey from the AARP Fraud Watch Network found that 70% of consumers failed a quiz about how to stay safe from common holiday scams, and many are regularly engaging in risky behaviors which could leave them at risk of being victimized by con artists.
AARP Utah is co-hosting a free Scam Jam with the Utah Division of Consumer Protection, the Utah Division of Securities, and the U.S. Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to help protect you and the people you care about from becoming a target for a con artist.  Speakers from these state and federal agencies will discuss how to fight back and spot crooks before they spot you!
Frank Abagnale
Who is Frank Abagnale?  He's the real-life person who was featured in the 2002 film "Catch Me if You Can" starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks--a con artist who successfully posed as an airline pilot, doctor, and lawyer and in the process cashed millions of dollars in fraudulent checks.  He was caught and served prison time, but upon release agreed to work with the FBI to assist in identity theft and other fraud cases.  He's worked with them for decades now, and also advises corporations, financial institutions, and government agencies around the world about how to stop this billion dollar industry.
Definition of fraud
This month we’re celebrating Social Security’s 80 th anniversary, and reminding all Utahns how important it is to protect your Social Sec urity number at all times.
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