In the Thursday May 26, 2016, Board of Trustees meeting of the Government Employees’ Retirement System (GERS), the vice-chairman of the board Judge Edgar Ross after a lengthy discussion on the provisions in Title 3, Chapter 27 Sections 718 and 718(a), and Chapter 28A, Sections 767 and 767a of the Virgin Islands Code, made a motion consistent with the law in Sections 718 and 767 (regular retirees) and 718a and 767a (early retirement program).  The motion, effective immediately, directed the Administrator not to pay new benefits unless the total costs of benefits are paid by the plan sponsor (Government of the Virgin Islands) in accordance with the law.  The motion failed on a tied vote. Notwithstanding, the Administrator was directed to enforce the law.
Preventative health care is the best practice
Newly elected Chairman of the VI Government Employees Service Commission, (GESC), Beverly Joseph, advises government employees and retirees that “sickness comes at any hour and it makes no sense to put off essential medical services that could prevent serious illness or even death.”
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Retirees from the St. Croix Government Retirees, Inc. (SCGR), which includes AARP members on St. Croix, are diligently working to support Senator Nereida Rivera-O’Reilly’s Bill Number 31-0016 which will resolve a long-standing political and funding issue related to the VI Government’s negotiations to purchase employee and retiree health insurance coverage.
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