AARP celebrated their 60 years anniversary at the Lynchburg ballpark on Thursday, July 12th. The Hillcats played the Potomac. AARP staff and volunteers were out there in full force to engage with the game attendees on the importance of voting in this Novembers elections and provided information on brain health.
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Alzheimer’s Association presents
Professionals from nonprofit organizations, county government, and faith based organizations are invited to attend, along with family caregivers. This is the required seminar for those pursuing Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP) certification, to qualify through the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners. To see if you qualify, please visit the NCCDP website at You are also welcome to come for the education only, without seeking certification.
Virginia is home to an estimated 140,000 people with Alzheimer’s dementia, and the disease takes a toll on family caregivers as well.
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Creating Moments of Joy
Providing care for a family member with dementia can be challenging. Onset and worsening of symptoms can cause caregivers to feel stress and frustration, leading to an inability to cope. Listening to music is a coping tool used by many caregivers challenged by caregiver stress. If you are interested in learning about music interventions and other ways to cope with caregiver stress, please read on to find out about an opportunity to participate in an upcoming half-day event.
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Tuesday, June 9th from 1 to 3pm
A free webinar series on the different types of dementias, will begin this March
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