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In closely watched race, Democratic candidate has the preference of key voter group.
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Thanks for attending the AARP Virginia Academy! As promised, below are the presentations that were presented on Saturday.
By Tamara Lytle
With only a few days before the final Presidential debate, Northern Virginia AARP volunteers joined with AARP staff and volunteers from the national office and other states to ask Fox News, the debate sponsor, to question the presidential candidates for their positions on funding Social Security.
Lisa W., 52, is married with one daughter who is a senior in high school and planning to go to college next year.  Lisa began working at the age of 16 and has been paying into Social Security for the past 36 years.  She first worked in fast food in high school, waited tables in college, and managed restaurants for a time before settling into her current job as the Director of Marketing at a regional credit union.
Bruce Smith, 71 year old AARP member and activist from Woodbridge, Virginia
Lorraine Bratton of Roanoke is a veteran AARP volunteer.  She has been active with the Take A Stand campaign, attending candidate events and representing Take A Stand at community activities.  This is her report from a recent campaign event she attended.
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