Every Vote Counts button_499,997If you’re a Boston resident, have you voted yet today? If so, what’s the foot traffic like at the polls?

In case you’ve been hibernating, today is the day Bostonians elect a new mayor–as well as City Councillors, At-Large, and District City Councillors–in what’s officially called the Boston Municipal Election.

Your vote does count; if you don’t believe us, read what Secretary of the Commonwealth William F. Galvin told us recently about Massachusetts elections that were won, and lost, by one vote.

Now that you’re ready to go and cast your ballot,  that, we’ve listed some helpful information below to make it even easier for you to the polls today:

CANDIDATES: The two candidates for Mayor of Boston are John R. Connolly and Martin J. Walsh. See the names of all candidates (pdf) for open elected office in today’s election.

WHAT COUNCIL AM I IN? Find your community in this Boston City Council District Map.

WHERE DO I VOTE: Here’s a list of the polling locations in the Boston.

I NEED TO KNOW SOMETHING NOT LISTED HERE: Check out these additional election-related resources from the City of Boston Election Department.

Now get out there and vote, and visit our Facebook page and our Twitter feed to tell us how it went at your voting site!


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