Why should you vote? To get lower prescription drugs!

There is no reason Americans should continue to pay the highest prescription drug prices in the world. More and more families are struggling to pay for the medicines they need, especially older Americans. Some are even forced to choose between paying for medicine, food, and other necessities.

One of the main reasons drug prices are so high is that pharmaceutical companies are allowed to set prices with no transparency. Then they spend billions on advertising and lobbying to protect their monopolies.

With elections coming up, it’s vital that we pledge to vote for candidates who are willing to stand up to big drug companies and enact new measures that will help lower drug costs for all Americans. Add your name below and pledge to vote November 6! Download AARP’s policy stance here. Pledge to vote on Nov. 6 here.

on Medicare, Social Security & Prescription Drug Prices

WHO: All Florida voters age 50 and older who currently do or will depend on strong Social Security and Medicare benefits.

WHEN:  Oct. 22 @ 6 pm

WHERE: On YOUR phone!

More information coming soon! 


WHAT:  Gubernatorial & Senatorial debates

WHEN:  Oct. 23 & Oct 24


More information coming soon! 

AARP State of Florida

AARP Bulletin articles:

  • Florida Division of Elections | Links to general information related to elections in Florida, provides access to candidate and party information and voter registration.
  • Check Your Voter Status | Page is in English and Español .
  • Supervisor of Elections by County
  • Candidate Tracking System | Tracks candidates throughout the elections process presenting candidate status, campaign finance activity, personal photos and contact information.
  • Florida Department of State | To submit online a new registration or an update to your existing record. (Espanol)
  • Florida Voter Registration Application form | Download a PDF to mail voter registration to your local supervisor of elections. (Espanol)
  • Voter Assistance Hotline – Toll Free 1.866.308.6739 (in English and Español), available Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, with extended hours during statewide elections. If you are hearing or speech impaired, please contact the Division using the Florida Relay Service, 1.800.955.8771 (TDD), 1.800.955.8770 (Voice), or 1.877.955.8773 (Español). For more information visit the Florida Relay Service.