Attorney General Bob Ferguson

Unauthorized Payments
Hardly a month goes by without hearing of another data breach exposing our personal information to hackers and potential identity thieves. These breaches affect millions of individuals: Equifax – 145 million, Target – 110 million, Uber – 57 million, Home Depot – 53 million, and the list goes on and on.  In fact, experts say very few of us haven’t been affected.
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There is a growing scheme in our country, aimed at the people who served it, veterans. Pensions poachers are becoming more prevalent. Both the Federal Trade Commission and the Dept. of Veterans Affairs have issued recent warnings.
New Day
It turns out that simply knowing the ABC’s of online safety isn’t enough to protect you from online scams.  AARP has released a new report detailing the profile of the most likely victim on online fraud – are you next?
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