This week at the State House included ongoing committee work, engrossed laws and the centennial of World War I.

Ongoing Committee Work

This week AARP submitted testimony in support of LD 1060, Resolve, Directing the Department of Administrative and Financial Services To Convene a Cybersecurity Commission. The AARP Fraud Watch Network (FWN) provides free scam alerts, fraud tips and educational content including provides free online resources for consumers can test cyber security vulnerability for themselves or family members. A recent cyber security survey conducted by the FWN indicates a high incidence of risky online behaviors with bank and credit card accounts, smartphones and public Wi-Fi use. Among its evaluative tools which help users test their cyber security awareness are:

  • An online Wi-Fi Security Quiz, which allows users to determine whether they are leaving their portable devices vulnerable to hackers.
  • A “Catch the Con” video quiz, designed by AARP Fraud Watch Network Ambassador and renowned security expert Frank Abagnale, which helps you learn about con artists’ favorite tactics.

Specifics of the FWN’s cyber security survey revealing a high incidence of risky online behaviors include:

  • Considerably more than half of those surveyed said they have not set up online access to monitor their bank accounts (61%) and credit card accounts (71%).
  • More than a quarter of respondents (27%) said they have used unsecure public Wi-Fi networks to do banking or make credit card purchases.
  • One of four smartphone users (26%) has not programmed the phone with a passcode.

Because ubiquitous free public Wi-Fi networks can be particularly hazardous environments for cyber scams, AARP has launched a “Watch Your Wi-Fi” campaign.  Visit to learn about “The Four Things Never to Do on Pubic Wi-Fi,” along with a description of the cyber con artists’ favorite techniques, including the “Man in the Middle Attack” and the “Evil Twin Attack.”

Bill Engrossed by the House and Senate

LD 308, An Act To Prohibit Charging Maine Seniors Higher Automobile Insurance Premiums Based Solely on Their Age has been engrossed by the House and Senate. This bill repeals 2 provisions in current law related to the issuance of motor vehicle insurance and consideration of an insured’s age by the insurer and incorporates them into one provision. This bill prohibits an insurer from taking certain actions against an applicant or insured under a motor vehicle insurance policy based solely upon the age of the applicant or insured. AARP testified in support of this bill and thanks Senator Diamond for his leadership.

World War I Centennial

This week also marked the Centennial of the United States joining World War I. On Thursday, April 6th AARP was proud to attend a commemorative service at the Maine State Museum. You can read all the details about this special event by clicking here.


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