This week at the State House continued our work to pass a family caregiver tax credit.

Work Session

The week began with the work session for LD 442, An Act to Create a Family Caregiver Tax Credit. The Taxation Committee voted to table the bill pending an amendment. The committee’s primary concerns include the creation of a new tax credit, if there is overlap with currently available state or federal tax credits, and the fiscal note. We don’t yet have a fiscal note for this (or many) bills.

Possible amendment

We worked with partner organizations and the committee analyst and members to consider a few amendment options- one that retains the separate tax credit and two that amend current statute, the Home Modification Tax Credit and the Adult Day Care, Hospice and Respite Care Tax Credit.

What’s next?

The next step for this bill is another work session during which the committee will discuss- and potentially vote on- one of the amendment options. AARP Maine thanks the Taxation Committee for considering an amendment to the current proposal. Stay tuned for more information about the Family Caregiver Tax Credit in the coming weeks!

How you can help!

If one of the Taxation Committee members is your Representative or Senator, give a quick call or send a short email asking for their support of LD 442. If your legislator does not serve on this committee, don’t worry we’ll need your help soon! Right now it’s most helpful for committee members to hear from their own constituents. Click here to find who your legislators are, and click here to learn if they serve on the Taxation Committee.


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