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Our team of AARP Wisconsin red-shirted volunteers is having a huge presence at all six of the state budget hearings being held across the state in April, and one of the ideas we’re floating at these hearings is something we’re calling the “Silver Dividend.”
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Results of a new study commissioned by AARP WI and released this week shows that even modest increases in the net worth of those who save the least for retirement would greatly improve retirement readiness and reduce government spending on public assistance programs.
Throughout your life you've paved your own path, so why should your retirement be any different?
On Tap in Kenosha
We get it. Talking about financial security for the future can be dull.
Red shirts at WI Private Secure Ret. Act hearing
Good news! The Wisconsin State Legislature has taken a small first step towards helping people save for retirement.
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In today’s world it’s hard enough to save for retirement and plan for your future.
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When it comes to financial planning for retirement, don’t make the mistake of thinking your monthly Social Security payments will be enough for you to continue living the lifestyle you want. Because chances are, they won’t.
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 The quality of our lives now and in retirement depends on making the best use of our resources, yet few actively seek out financial information.
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