retirement and savings
Results of a new study commissioned by AARP WI and released this week shows that even modest increases in the net worth of those who save the least for retirement would greatly improve retirement readiness and reduce government spending on public assistance programs.
Medicare Launch Photo
This has been a busy week for President Donald Trump. He’s been signing executive orders, holding high-level meetings, and tweeting up a storm. All of this makes it clear that our 45 th president is eager to deliver quickly on the promises he made during his campaign.
Prescription medicine and money
The numbers are in, and they are impressive – Wisconsin residents on Medicare saved $174.3 million on their prescription drugs in 2013, thanks to the closing of the “donut hole” for prescriptions under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) – or an average discount per beneficiary of $890.
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For many Wisconsin seniors, especially those in rural areas where cell phone service is unreliable or unavailable, having basic telephone landline service can be their only connection to the outside world. Losing that service would be a health and safety issue for these people.
See if you are elgible for FoodShare benefits at
Would you walk away from $20 or more, month after month after month? Probably not, yet two-thirds of eligible Wisconsin seniors do just that by not claiming their FoodShare benefits.
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