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By Joanne Cleaver
Senator Fred Risser
By David Lewellen
State Capitol of Wisconsin
AARP Wisconsin conveyed a message to legislators at budget hearings this spring: The state could save money and help more older people live at home by investing moderate amounts in services for the aging and support for family caregivers. The idea is to reduce reliance on more expensive programs, such as Medicaid-funded nursing home care.
When the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee holds hearings this spring to discuss the biennial budget proposed by Gov. Scott Walker (R), AARP volunteers will be there to support key issues.
Retirement Savings
AARP Wisconsin is urging state lawmakers to introduce a bill in 2017 that could help more private-sector workers save for retirement. The Work and Save bill would create a simple payroll-deduction plan that small businesses could offer to their workers.
Medicaid expansion image
Here’s what we can’t figure out. Our state legislators acknowledge they are facing some gigantic holes as they continue to create the next biennial state budget, and they just received word from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) that they won’t be able to fill those holes with new revenue growth, as they had hoped.
AARP advocates for Family Care
AARP and its Wisconsin members have strongly supported Wisconsin’s Family Care program from the very  beginning. AARP supported Governor Thompson when he signed the program into law in 1999 as a five-county pilot program to provide for the long-term care needs of our low-income residents.
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