This is what NOT to do with your old electronics!

This is what NOT to do with your old electronics!


If you are like most people, the electronics around your house seem to be multiplying.  With flat screen TVs replacing the older, bulky tube TVs and computer technology changing at what seems to be the speed of light, you probably have some obsolete electronics in the closet or garage you are wondering what to do with.  In the past you may have paid to recycle them or maybe you’ve just dumped them in the trash (this is legal in most of Washington, but obviously not very “green”).

There is a better option.  Recycle them – for free.

No matter where you live in Washington you can save money and help the environment by recycling TVs, computers and monitors through the ongoing, state regulated E-Cycle Washington program.

E-Cycle Washington drop-off sites accept any TVs, computers (including tablets), monitors, E-readers and portable DVD players whether they are working or not for free recycling.

There are over 330 drop-off locations for free recycling in Washington.  Since many of these sites are second-hand stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army thrift shops, you can drop your electronics off for recycling 6-7 days a week.  To find the drop-off site nearest you, go to e cycle

No state tax dollars are used to support the recycling of electronics through E-Cycle Washington.  The program is funded entirely by manufacturers like Samsung and Dell.

If saving money isn’t reason enough to recycle, think about what we are throwing away when we trash our electronics. TVs, computers and monitors contain reusable metals such as copper, aluminum and steel as well as hazardous materials that need to be kept out of our environment.  There are several pounds of lead, cadmium and mercury in every old “tube” type TV or computer monitor that are toxic to humans and animals.  Recycling electronics keeps these toxic materials out of the environment and our food chain.

So when you upgrade to a high-definition TV or clean out the garage or back bedroom, be sure to do the right thing with your old electronics and recycle them – for free!

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