AARP Live to focus on scams, fraud issues

AARP Live to focus on scams, fraud issues

Frauds and scams will be the focus of this month’s AARP Live airing Thursday, May 22nd at 10 p.m. ET on the RFD-TV network.


May is Older American’s month and, unfortunately, older Americans are often the target of con artists. We’ll go inside the mind of one crook as he reveals how he was so successful scamming grandparents. And, we’ll share tips and information how to keep you from becoming a victim.

 Panelists on this month’s show will include State Directors Sarah Jennings (South Dakota), Greg Marchildon (Vermont) and AARP’s resident expert on frauds and scams Doug Shadel (Washington).

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Tune in for AARP Live on RFD-TV Thursday, May 22 at ET/10 PM CT/9 PM CT/ 8PM PT.   Join the conversation by calling 877-731-6733, or sending a Tweet to @aarplive, or use #aarplive. Watch RFD-TV on DirecTV channel 345, DishNetwork channel 231, find RFD-TV in your area, or watch here via the web. Watch recent episodes and hear comments from viewers just like you!

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