Retirement is often painted as a tranquil existence of endless vacations, golf and relaxation.  Yet that picture is far from the reality for most people.


Following retirement, many soon feel the urge to return to the workforce whether for financial reasons or a simple desire to stay active and interact with people on a daily basis.


In fact, studies have shown that people age 50 and older will account for 35% of the work force by 2022.  50-plus workers appeal to employers as they are hardworking, loyal and have a lifetime of earned skills.


Returning to the work place might seem daunting but ultimately, it’s about you.  You have to ask some questions:  What do you want to do? How much time do you have?  What type of work will leave you feeling fulfilled? Perhaps you wish to find a part-time job that has flexible hours and less stress than your previous career.  Or, then again, perhaps you want to work full-time in a new career field.  Whichever approach you take; we can help you.


The AARP Foundation’s Back to Work 50+ program connects you with the information, training support, work experience and employer access you might need when you go back to work.  We at AARP are committed to helping you find the right job as you return to the workforce.


A growing trend is also 50-plus adults entering the world of self-employment.  With the economy changing, you can have a successful new career being your own boss. Self-employment allows you to set your schedule and goals as well as focus on a particular area of interest or passion.


Starting your own business or working for yourself may seem impossible, but it is being done by more and more older adults.  Those between the ages of 55 and 65 now account for 26% of all startups.

Self-employment can range from becoming a consultant in your old field, selling crafts online, starting a catering business or taking care of pets or children.


Once again, we are here to help as via our Work for Yourself@50+ program that is targeted at helping individuals achieve the dream of self-employment. The program provides you with resources to find your focus, make a plan, avoid pitfalls and ultimately become successful.  So as you think about returning to work, remember we are here to support you!