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AARP Pushes to Give Consumers a Voice!

Let's level the playing field!

Seniors and other Vermont consumers are not well represented when it comes to utility regulation cases which directly affect them. The utilities themselves and large businesses have the resources and expertise to hire lawyers, lobbyists and experts and mount their own case for rate increases, etc. Vermont consumers/ratepayers do not have those resources. AARP Vermont has been working to improve the representation for consumers and small businesses in front of the VT Public Service Board and other regulators.  A bill in the legislature, called S. 25, revises our Public Service Department's mandate to require it considers impacts on low income and all residential ratepayers when setting rates, etc. It levels the playing field!

This is an important bill that would enhance the Department’s focus on consumers and ensure that their interests are specifically represented before the Public Service Board in matters such as utility rate cases.  In addition, the bill would require the Department to analyze and report back on its advocacy efforts. Finally, the bill would provide additional consumer friendly provisions including the use of electronic filing for the Public Service Board as well as authorizing the Department of Public Service to represent consumers in federal proceedings.

It’s only fair that ratepayers have equal representation on matters that affect their homes, families and pocketbook! AARP Vermont is working hard to pass this bill this session and encourages you to contact your state representative to ask for their support. Find your house representative here.

Please email us for more information or to sign on as a volunteer for this campaign and others aimed at improving the quality of life for older Vermonters. Email:

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