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Please help AARP improve access to voting for people of all ages. We need your voice! Please contact your Senator (800-322-5616) and ask him or her to vote for the Same-Day Voter Registration legislation (S.29) so that eligible voters can register to vote on Election Day.

The right to vote is the most basic of all political rights and Vermonters have a long tradition of supporting laws that give eligible voters more opportunities to register to vote. It is a good thing for our democracy.

 We strongly believe that our voting system needs to be free, fair, and accessible to ensure every Vermonter can have a say in our democracy. Allowing voters to register on Election Day offers freedom, convenience, and choice. Many people of all ages who relocate or move to a new town forget or don't know how to get registered. When they show up at the polls, however, they are not allowed to register and can't cast a ballot!

 Studies have shown that Election Day voter registration contributes to increased access to voting and voter participation. States that allow Election Day voter registration consistently lead the nation in voter participation—meanwhile, Vermont saw one of the lowest rates of voter turnout in our state’s history in the recent November election. Across the board, average voter turnout was over 10 percent higher in Election Day voter registration states compared to states that do not have it.

Pioneered by Maine, Minnesota, and Wisconsin in the early-to-mid-1970s, fifteen states and the District of Columbia have now enacted the reform. It’s a time-tested, low-cost and efficient program for increasing voter participation and streamlining the voting process. The time has come for Vermont to follow suit and enact Election Day voter registration to make it easier and more convenient to participate in our democracy—so fewer eligible voters forfeit their right to vote on Election Day.

Please encourage your Senator to vote “Yes” on S.29 and support Election Day voter registration. Call 800-322-5616 and leave a message for your Senator.

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