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VT Retirees Need a Tax Break!


Vermonters who collect Social Security or military pension benefits may be about to get a break. Governor Phil Scott has proposed a critical tax change that would impact the household budgets of thousands of older Vermonters and veterans. It aims to eliminate the taxation of Social Security benefits for many Vermonters. Vermont is one of only 12 states in the nation that taxes Social Security benefits. Most don’t tax them at all. In addition, Governor Scott proposes to waive the taxation of veteran pension benefits – long overdue!

AARP Vermont is working with the Administration and state leaders to restore fairness to the taxation of Social Security and veterans’ benefits – and we need your help! Working and retired Vermonters have already paid into Social Security as a tax on their paycheck -- do we need to tax them on the benefits they need to survive? With some 143,000 Social Security beneficiaries in Vermont and the decline of traditional pension plans, the time has come to reduce the hit on our older taxpayers. 

Providing Social Security and pension tax relief is a matter of fairness for low and middle income retirees and all veterans -- and it’s an investment in the financial security of Vermonters for years to come. Please reach out to your state Senators and ask for their support of this proposal.
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