Free Shredding Days

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Events | Home & Family | Vermont Fight Fraud — Shred Instead! Bring your boxes or bags of documents, bank statements, credit card junk mail, etc. and watch it shredded at our free shredding day in South Burlington and Rutland. Please, no more than three boxes or bags per person. Paper clips and staples don’t need to be removed.                             South Burlington: Saturday, Sept. 20, 9:00 AM -12 noon Lot Behind Walgreen’s 514 Farrell …

No 401(k)? You Have Options

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Money & Work | Vermont Are you working for an employer that doesn’t offer a 401(k)-type retirement savings plan? This can be a real worry for millions of working Americans, who fear they can’t effectively save for retirement without a 401(k).   The good news is you still can save for retirement and work toward self-sufficiency when it comes time for you to stop working. And it’s easier than you may think.   AARP offers a variety of resources to help you plan for your …

North Avenue: A Complete Street in the Making

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Advocacy | Home & Family | Vermont If you live in or around Burlington, chances are you have driven North Avenue.  This important street is the backbone of the New North End as well as a key connection between the New North End and the Waterfront and Downtown. What is less likely is that you have biked North Avenue, or walked along it for any distance.    Over the last year or so, a group of citizens and municipal staff have been working hard on the “North …

10 Tips to Reinvent Your Career

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About AARP | Home & Family | Money & Work | Vermont If you’re making a career change—by choice or out of necessity—you can take steps to help ensure a smooth transition. AARP is here to help with a variety of resources at Help includes tips on networking, learning about job openings, researching employers and applying for positions. Here are 10 tips to help you make a successful transition to a new career. Tip #1: Inventory your skills. Draw four columns on a sheet of paper. In the first column, make …

Get the Inside Scoop On Scams and Fraud in VT

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Advocacy | Home & Family | Money & Work | Vermont AARP knows that fraud will never be eliminated entirely, but there is a lot more that can be done to arm consumers with tools to detect and avoid fraud.  That’s why AARP launched its Fraud Watch Network because of the serious fraud threats here in Utah, where it’s a multi-billion dollar industry, as it is all across the country.  Fraud isn’t just limited to “too good to be true” offers.  According to recent report by Javelin Strategy and Research, more …

Speak Up!! Hearing on Housing in Burlington Set for June 12

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Advocacy | Events | Home & Family | Local Resources | Vermont Let’s talk about housing needs in Burlington!  The Mayor’s office recently released a comprehensive housing strategy report outlining a number of recommendations to improve and grow the housing stock in downtown Burlington, addressing issues of affordability and availability.  Appropriate and affordable housing is a key component to the development of a livable community.  The first opportunity for the public to weigh in on the report is June 12 at 7 p.m. in Contois Auditorium at City Hall.