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A Spotlight on Lead Volunteer Cheryl Rice Moore

Leader of AARP Wilmington Volunteer Team, Cheryl Rice-Moore has been a dedicated volunteer of AARP Delaware for the past 3 years. Cheryl is an accounts payable coordinator for the Delaware Community Foundation, and enjoys working with the Bethel AME Baptist church to organize outreach events for the community. Cheryl Rice-Moore also services on the advocacy board of the New Castle County Library, where she assists with reading and education advocacy.

AARP: How did you first get involved in AARP?

Rice-Moore: My first involvement with AARP, was when I attend a wellness program at the University of Delaware hosted by AARP. After the event, I was very intrigued with the organization and want to know how I could become more involved. I then attended a volunteer meeting with Carlos, where he discussed how to become a volunteer at AARP.

AARP: What made you want to volunteer?

Rice-Moore: As a senior who enjoys engaging with other individuals, AARP Delaware met my interest in making sure that senior are aware of the programs they need.

AARP: How would you describe your volunteer experience? What is it like?

Rice-Moore: I would describe my volunteer experience to be diverse, as AARP is an organization that is involved with many different avenues. From engaging with new volunteers to supporting the arts, my experience with AARP Delaware has been developmental and fun.

AARP: Why do you enjoy volunteering?

Rice-Moore: Personally, I enjoy volunteering for AARP Delaware because I enjoy sharing free information with people about the things they need. During AARP events, I can communicate the importance of the organizations mission, which is a message that everyone needs.

AARP: Tell me about a volunteer activity that you enjoyed most, and the impact that activity had on you and the community?

Rice-Moore: The volunteer activity I enjoyed most would have to be Movies for Grown Ups, as people are given the opportunity to watch a free movie with people, they have things in common with. Another volunteer activity that I enjoyed would also have to be the Pumpkin Run, which was a collaboration between AARP and the YMCA of Delaware. The Pumpkin Run was a very family orientated with different games, food, and activities.

AARP: What inspires your volunteer work?

Rice-Moore: Going out and providing information that individuals may not know about, inspires my volunteer work, because it provides me with another outlet to engage with all different types of people.

AARP: How has volunteering for AARP changed your original perspectives of the organization?

Rice-Moore: Volunteering for AARP has changed my original perspectives of the organization, as it has broadened my definition of what AARP does. It has allowed me to understand the organization engagement in education and advocacy.

AARP: What advice would you give to someone who is looking to volunteer for AARP?

Rice-Moore: Advice I would give to someone who is looking to volunteer for AARP would be to define what it is that they want to do for the organization. Before volunteering with the organization, the individual should define what their skills set is and engage in volunteer activities that you enjoy doing.

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