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This graphic shows the impact of rising health care costs on retirement living standards

AARP’s Public Policy Institute has released The Middle Class Security Project, a report comprised of eight research initiatives funded or conducted by the Institute. The report focuses on strengthening the financial security of the Middle Class as they age and highlights significant problems faced by this group. AARP CEO Barry Rand spoke about the organization’s efforts regarding this issue at the National Press Club on Jan. 15, 2013.


The report exposes inter-generational hardships faced by the Middle Class like the increasing cost of health care, education, and living expenses as well as being saddled with large amounts of debt without an increase in income levels. As costs rise, income levels lag behind. Financial security takes years to build and these economic struggles threaten the security of all generations, including caregivers and children.


The report offers policy recommendations for lawmakers to consider, such as slowing the rising costs of health care and providing broader access to affordable health insurance options. It also advocates increasing the quality and efficiency of care to reduce waste and ultimately cost. Other initiatives address retirement savings, financial counseling and Social Security reforms.


Read the full report and find more information at our website.

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