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Radio personality Linwood Jackson named lead communications volunteer for AARP Delaware

Jackson : If you are looking to volunteer for AARP in Delaware, visit or send them an email to

Delaware’s new Lead Communications Volunteer, Linwood Jackson, is the creator of the internet radio station “Rockin’ Hot Radio”, Linwood Jackson has been an avid volunteer of AARP Delaware for 7 years. While volunteering for AARP, Linwood produces and host his own TV and Radio show “The Linwood Jackson Radio Show” airing on WVLT Cruisin’ 92.1 FM. AARP interviewed Linwood for it’s monthly “Volunteer Spotlight” feature.

AARP: How did you first get involved in AARP?

Jackson: I first got involved with AARP when I invited Kim Wharton on my radio show to talk about what AARP Delaware was doing at the time. I was intrigued with the work of AARP and wanted to get more involved in AARP Delaware’s volunteer program.

AARP: What made you want to volunteer?

Jackson: With a well-structured executive board and excellent advocacy work in the state & national level, I wanted to work with AARP Delaware because I thought that I would be able to help.

AARP: How would you describe your volunteer experience? What is it like?

Jackson: My volunteer experience has been fun-filled and very rewarding, and the volunteer work that I have been able to do has been very exciting.

AARP: Why do you enjoy volunteering?

Jackson: I enjoy volunteering because I enjoy meeting and working with the staff and volunteers of AARP Delaware because they’re positive, and motivated people with a shared passion for solving the issues we face in our communities.

AARP: Tell me about a volunteer activity that you enjoyed most, and the impact that activity had on you and the community?

Jackson: A volunteer activity that I enjoyed most would be creating public service announcements and video alerts for AARP’s Fraud Watch Network and voting campaigns in 2020. These volunteer activities have been very exciting, as it is a good feeling to know that my work may have helped somebody.

AARP: What inspires your volunteer work?

Jackson: Helping people and trying to make the world a better place, has inspired my volunteer work because I am able to see the difference I am making in the world.

AARP: How has volunteering for AARP changed your original perspectives of the organization?

Jackson: Volunteering for AARP has changed my original perspective of the organization, as I did not know that AARP was involved in advocacy work for all generations, such as fighting to protect Social Security and lowering prescription drug costs. AARP has value for someone of any age.

AARP: What advice would you give to someone who is looking to volunteer for AARP?

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