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Volunteer Spotlight: Millennial Laurie Jacobs

Laurie Jacobs is a member of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women – Delaware Chapter and the Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League Young Professionals. She is a self-described passionate community servant who enjoys volunteering and making a difference in her community. She describes her strengths as advocacy, community organizing, and leadership. Combining her passion of public service with her professional career, Laurie currently works in nonprofit communications and marketing, where she can explore her interest in economic empowerment, civic engagement. AARP enjoys working with our younger volunteers to bridge the generations.

AARP: How did you first get involved in AARP? 

Jacobs: Through the National Coalition of 100 Black Women – Delaware Chapter and AARP have been partners in the past and frequently collaborate to make the state of Delaware a better environment. Through this connection I first got involved with AARP Delaware.

AARP: What made you want to volunteer? 

Jacobs: As a person that always is looking for new projects and ways to serve, it's hard for me to sit still. So, when AARP presented me with the opportunity to volunteer, I immediately jumped at it. I knew AARP to be a credible, all-embracing organization; however, I didn't think I could get involved as a late 20-something.

AARP: Why do you enjoy volunteering? 

Jacobs: There are so many reasons why I love volunteering:

1) You're able to meet new people. The conversations that occur while serving with your fellow volunteers or meeting those in need are priceless because they offer a new perspective and insight into the world around us.

2) You can learn tangible skills to incorporate into your professional life. For someone like me, who is early in their career, much of what I learned while volunteering has boosted my resume and given me reference points to share in interviews.

3) It's a great way to support causes that are important to you directly. You can say you care, but it's essential to show you care. 

AARP: What inspires your volunteer work? 

Jacobs: My parents and church inspire my volunteer work. My parents instilled the value of service in me. Even to this day, they are always willing to demonstrate its importance, no matter how big or small the project. My church's commitment to completing everything with excellence inspires me always to give my best when volunteering.  

AARP: What advice would you give to someone who is looking to volunteer for AARP?

Jacobs: I'm still relatively new to the AARP volunteer network, so my experience is limited. From what I've seen so far, my advice, especially for late 20-somethings like myself, is to start exploring all the opportunities early. AARP does a fantastic job of offering diverse and frequent projects to get involved in, whether virtually or in person. Now is the perfect time to find your niche and lean into it.

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