AARP Michigan’s flash mob event with a “disrupt aging” theme has reached an impressive milestone.

The flash mob video has eclipsed a half million views.

The flash mob video was recorded in June. Lake St. Clair Metropark serves as the backdrop for this unique and exciting celebration of “disrupt aging.”

The video features an 81-year-old weight lifter, a 58-year-old violinist, a 66-year-old magician, 65-year-old belly dancer, a 75-year-old recent college graduate, and more than 100 older adults and kids having a wonderful time and sharing their joy.

Have a look:

What does “disrupt aging” that mean? It’s a call to shape the future of aging by challenging outdated beliefs about what it means to age and sparking new solutions so we can all choose how we live as we age.

We need to change the conversation about age and aging in this country. Aging is about growth (not decline). It creates new opportunities (not just challenges). Older people are contributors (not burdens). And each and every one of us should be valued for who we are, not by how old we are.

The flash mob video is about all that.