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Episode 39 - May 18, 2022
On this episode of the Legislative Director Talking about Legislative Things, the team takes a break from heavy analysis. On this episode, Ambre and Jason take a few minutes to talk about how you can recognize volunteers in your community. The Golden Hoosier Award and the Andrus Award for Community Service are on the horizon.

Episode 38 - May 12, 2022
On this episode of the Legislative Director Talking About Legislative Things, Ambre and Jason welcome two special guests that help provide analysis on the continuing battle over transit expansion in Indianapolis. It's a LDTLT first!

Episode 37 - April 21, 2022
In this lightning round episode of the Legislative Director Talking About Legislative Things, the team gives a rundown on tax-related bills that will impact older Hoosiers when they become law. Buckle in!

Episode 36 - April 6, 2022
On this episode of the Legislative Director Talking About Legislative Things, the team chats about AARP Indiana's victories for healthcare access during the 2022 Indiana General Assembly. The show is back, and now with more boops and beeps!

Episode 35 - March 11, 2022
The 2022 Indiana General Assembly has come to a close. How did AARP Indiana's Legislative Team fair at the Statehouse? Ambre and Jason give a quick overview and tee up part two of Season 5.

Episode 34 - February 24, 2022
The team takes a moment to celebrate a big win in the housing space. Questions still remain about legislation that could impact transit.

Episode 33 - February 11, 2022
The Legislative Director Talking About Legislative Things hits the road! On this episode, the team is making its way back from beautiful Fort Wayne. And we learn about two bills that can impact Hoosiers' healthcare.

Episode 32 - February 4, 2022
The 2022 Indiana General Assembly is officially at halftime. What bills still have a chance of becoming law? Why are Ambre and Jason wearing cozy hats? All this and more on today's episode.

Episode 31 - January 28, 2022
The 2022 Indiana General Assembly is speeding towards half-time. It is a short session, after all. And the AARP Indiana staff and volunteers are weighing in heavy on the issues. Can the team keeps things... on track?

Episode 30 - January 22, 2022
Payday lending strikes back and with a different spin! Ambre and the team update everyone on what is going on at the statehouse. There are too many puns.

Episode 29 - January 14, 2021 (Season Premiere)
What is going on? Welcome back to The Legislative Director Talking About Legislative Things. The 2022 Indiana General Assembly is already proving to be a blockbuster. After a quick welcome back to the original Not The Legislative Director, the team gets down to business and talks action at the Statehouse.


Episode 28 - December 6, 2021 (Season 5 Teaser)
Prepare for the next legislative session and season of our podcast/video series, The Legislative Direct Talking About Legislative Things! That is, if the team can stay on script.

Episode 27 - August 12, 2021
You can fry an egg on the sidewalk outside the Statehouse, but inside the General Assembly's summer study committees is where the real cooking is happening. The team gets updates from the Legislative Director about these committees, and we give a special shout-out to a partner organization in Indianapolis.

Episode 26 - July 13, 2021
Let's talk about the American Rescue Plan, housing and utility assistance, and our recent letters to Governor Holcomb.

Episode 25 - June 28, 2021
AARP Indiana invited the Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority's executive director, Jacob Sipe, onto the show to answer literally every question we could think of about Indiana Emergency Rental Assistance. This video is nothing but critical information for anyone having challenges with their rent, and in some cases, utilities.

Episode 24 - June 16, 2021
Not the Legislative Director Jason Tomcsi joins us to discuss the Emergency Broadband Benefit. Learn how you or someone you know can help get better Internet with some financial assistance.

Episode 23 - April 30, 2021
Most of the business of the 2021 Indiana General Assembly has concluded. What does that mean for the 50+? Ambre, Mandla, and Addison talk about the state's budget, the outcome of the highly publicized transit battle, high speed internet, and much more.

Episode 22 - March 31, 2021
We're in the home stretch of the 2021 Legislative Session. Let's check in with the team about what's going on at the Indiana General Assembly and what it means for older Hoosiers!

Episode 21 - March 2, 2021
What is going on at the Statehouse? Transit is on AARP Indiana's minds. Let's check in with the Legislative Director to see what's going on with transit legislation and other issues.

Episode 20 - February 11, 2021
It's the season premiere! We catch up with the Legislative Director and AARP Indiana's community engagement team. But where is Jason? We'll find out what "Not the Legislative Director" is up to, as well as what is going on at the Statehouse.

Episode 19 - November 17, 2020
It's the season finale! In this episode there's discussion on Indiana's latest COVID-19 response in long-term care facilities, the upcoming 2021 General Assembly, and some friends of the show come by to chat about the 2020 elections.

Episode 18 - September 11, 2020
In this episode: discussion on the latest letter that AARP Indiana sent to the Governor around CARES Act money, new home office setups, and a brief interruption during recording.

Episode 17 - July 31, 2020
In this episode: new long-term care data, upcoming telephone town halls, and Producer Dan makes an appearance...kind of.

Episode 16 - July 10, 2020
In this episode: an update around COVID-19 reporting in long-term care facilities and attempts to shake off some rust.

Episode 15 - May 22, 2020
In this episode they discuss a letter that AARP Indiana sent to the governor about COVID-19 transparency in long-term care facilities. There's also some shout outs to some Southern Indiana fans.

Episode 14 - May 3, 2020
In this episode: a discussion on communication requirements for nursing homes during this health crisis, an update on Indiana's upcoming primary, Fannie speaks up, and a shout out to our educators.

Episode 13 - April 24, 2020
Part 2 of our 2020 General Assembly recap. In this episode of the remaining wins from the past session are reviewed and some special shout outs!

Episode 12 - April 19, 2020
It's Part 1 of the session recap! Also included in this episode: more coronavirus resources, discussion of the word y'all, and a guest appearance from a canine fan of the show.

Episode 11 - March 27, 2020
The Governor's veto and information that AARP is providing during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Episode 10 - March 13, 2020
Session is OVER. Time for a quick update before a much-deserved break.

Episode 9 - March 6, 2020
The waning days of session and your favorite dinosaur.

Special Report Part 2 - Feb. 29, 2020

Special Report Part 1 - Feb. 28, 2020
An amendment to a housing bill (SB 340) is raising concerns for Indianapolis.

Episode 8 - Feb. 28, 2020
Good things. Bad things. Lot's happening at the Statehouse.

Episode 7 - Feb. 21, 2020
Talking Rx transparency and the future of the show.

Episode 6 - Feb. 14, 2020
Road Trip!!!!!!

Episode 5 - Feb. 4, 2020
It's halftime and that requires new uniforms.

Episode 4 - Feb. 1, 2020
Travel away from the office didn't stop our Legislative Director from chatting. This episode is live from the Indianapolis Airport.

Episode 3 - Jan. 24, 2020
Lots of bills. Lots to follow. This extended episode is jammed packed!

Episode 2 - Jan. 17, 2020
It's a short session that is getting shorter by the day. This episode includes a homework assignment.

Episode 1- Jan. 10, 2020
The new session is underway


Episode 8 - March 15, 2019
The Legislative Breakfast and start of the second half episode.

Episode 7 - March 1, 2019
The Halftime episode.

Episode 6 - Feb. 15, 2019
The Twitter episode.

Episode 5, Part 2 - Feb. 10, 2019
In part two of this episode there's movement on paid family leave and a study on prescription drug prices.

Episode 5, Part 1 - Feb. 8, 2019
The episode that sees the return of a familiar topic and a very special guest.

Episode 4 - Feb. 1, 2019
The episode that was almost canceled due to the extreme cold.

Episode 3, Part 2 - Jan. 25, 2019
The conclusion of the extended episode that talks about testifying on three bills in the same day.

Episode 3, Part 1 - Jan. 25, 2019
The extended episode that talks about testifying on three bills in the same day.

Episode 2 - Jan. 18, 2019
The episode that talks about the General Assembly moving so fast that the Legislative Director doesn't have time to talk about legislative things.

Episode 1 - Jan. 11, 2019
The episode about three things you need to know for the 2019 Indiana General Assembly.

The news season is coming in 2019!


Episode 9 - Aug. 22nd
The episode about the upcoming screenings of the documentary ZERO WEEKS and the importance of flexible workplace leave policies.
Click here for more information about the Zero Weeks tour.

Episode 8 - April 27
The episode talking about Indianapolis Power & Light's efforts to raise rates in Central Indiana.

Episode 7 - March 23rd
Session wrap-up time!

Bloopers - March 9th
Things get a little crazy during session, so here's some highlights of just how nutty it gets. It's time for some outtakes and bloopers!!!!

Episode 6 - March 2nd
The episode where they quickly recap the status of several bills that AARP Indiana is following at the Statehouse.

Episode 5 - Feb. 23rd
Part 1
Part 2
The two-part episode where they talk about bills regarding flu vaccine information, Central Indiana public transportation projects, and physicians orders for scope of treatment. They also discuss small installment loans, advanced practice registered nurses, nutritious food, and a study on voluntary paid family leave.

Episode 4 - Feb. 9th
It's halftime!

Episode 3 - Jan. 26th
The episode where they chat about the latest happenings at the Indiana Statehouse

Bonus Episode - January 24th
The episode where guest star, Mandla Moyo talks transit.

Episode 2 - January 19th
The AARP Indiana Legislative Breakfast edition.

Episode 1 - January 15th
The pilot episode.

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