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Charge! Volunteer Advocates Lead the Way

Right now in every legislative district across the state, AARP volunteer advocates are meeting with legislators in advance of the legislative session.

What’s top of mind?  The high cost of health care, staying in their own homes as they age, and the state budget.

Every year AARP Louisiana has a strong presence at the State Capitol as policy makers deliberate important issues that affect all of us.  Volunteer advocates are critical to our success.  Legislators are quick to recognize the AARP logo on volunteer name tags and volunteers jump at the chance to tell their story.

One volunteer advocate who is a familiar face at the state capitol is Bobby Savoie – AARP’s key volunteer leader of the Capitol Advocacy Team.

After serving nearly 40 years in the state Department of Health and Hospitals and retiring from his role as Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Office of Public Health several years ago, Bobby gives back as a volunteer to AARP because he says he is blessed.

“I have the ability in retirement to do things I might not have been able to do in my career as a civil servant,” said Bobby. “I have seen the passion that the volunteers have in their various roles within AARP Louisiana. I can say that if it weren’t for the advocacy of AARP-- for those that feel they have no voice, our quality of life here in Louisiana would definitely suffer.”

With the AARP Policy Book close by his side, Bobby routinely reviews bills that have been introduced by legislators and gauges its impact.  He also monitors legislation as it makes its way through the legislative process and occasionally testifies before committees, sharing AARP’s policy either in support or opposition to the bill while the Capitol Advocacy Team cheers him on.

“I have made some friendships that I would not have otherwise made,” said Bobby.

And he’s learned a few new things.

“There’s more than one side to a story. There’s more than one way to interpret a rule.  Listening and communicating, and talking to all of the key players will get us closer to the answer we all seek,” said Bobby.

Wise advise, Bobby.

Become a Louisiana advocate today!

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