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AARP Bulletin Offers Older Americans A Cheat Sheet to Help Fight Inflation


Learn the Smart Money Moves to Help Protect Your Finances in the October Issue’s Cover Story

For those who are rattled by daily news reports on the stock market, inflation, energy prices and housing costs, AARP Bulletin shares this reassuring suite of tips: Avoid the noise, rein in unneeded spending, hold off on any big financial move, and instead focus on the long term. This month, the Bulletin offers readers a comprehensive guide with tips for spending, investing, and staying Zen during turbulent financial times.

Our editors have rounded up a handful of respected money gurus like Jim Cramer (Mad Money) and Jean Chatzky ( to share helpful tips for readers who are looking to preserve their nest egg, spend their money better, and lower their financial risks.

In the October cover story, we discuss:

  • What to do (and not do­­) while investing for retirement, and how to ride out this period of inflation;
  • The price fluctuation of everyday goods. Is now a good time to buy new furniture? A new smartphone? A new refrigerator?;
  • A cheat sheet on why inflation happens and what readers can do about it;
  • And much needed perspective on the minimal effect short periods of economic challenge like today’s have had historically on our long-term financial health.

Also in this month’s Bulletin:

Your Health

  • The Future of Hearing Aids Has Arrived: If you’re among the 30 million Americans struggling to keep up with conversations in noisy restaurants or battling with your spouse over the TV volume, your life is about to get better. More affordable (but still high-quality) hearing aids are finally hitting stores this month. And you can buy them without a doctor’s involvement or programming. Read our guide to learn about the whole new world or over-the-counter hearing aids and how to use them.

Your Money

  • The ABCs to Part D Drug Plans: Medicare Part D plans, which cover your medicine costs, can be tricky! Each plan not only covers different drugs but can also charge differently for the same ones. This month’s Bulletin teaches you what you need to know to get more out of your medicine coverage from Medicare.

Fraud Watch

  • Money Sent, Money Gone:  As peer-to-peer payment systems like Venmo, Zelle and PayPal are gaining popularity, fraud operators are beginning to use them too. Read this month’s Fraud Watch to learn about different scams using peer-to-peer payments and how to help avoid them.

Your Life

  • Tales of Honor, Duty and Bravery: They served in the valleys of Korea, the jungles of Vietnam and the deserts of the Middle East. Their stories are unique—from firefights with invisible enemies to dangerous helicopter missions into hostile territory. But their accounts have common elements: a sense of duty, a love of country, unbreakable bonds forged in the fire of combat and losses that can’t be forgotten. Read this month’s Veteran’s Special to hear their stories.
  • Q&A with Gary Sinise: “I learned how difficult it was to come home from that war,” the actor and veterans advocate reveals in discussing how his brothers-in-law opened his eyes to the challenges of military duty during Vietnam. Read this month’s Veteran’s Special to learn why Sinise is so passionate about supporting veterans. 
  • Candidates Tackle the Issues: An election special! This month, your copy of the Bulletin may include an insert containing a Q&A of your state's Senate and/or Governor candidates. Hear their thoughts on topics such as Social Security, Medicare, caregiving, and much more – in their own words. Learn how your candidates tackle the issues that matter the most to older adults.

For further information: Danny Alarcon, AARP,, 202-538-0105

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