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AARP Michigan Ambassadors and The Graduate! Network can help you find your next learning path!

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AARP Michigan is joining The Graduate! Network’s Lifelong Learning Ambassador initiative to let older Michiganders know that it’s never too late to come back to education.  Ambassadors will spread the word about the education opportunity paths available in Michigan whether that’s completing a GED, a college certificate, or a college degree.  The Graduate! Network coined the term “Comebacker” to recognize the potential of adults, especially those with some college and no degree, to complete their education.  In Michigan, nearly 1 million adults over the age of 45 have some college credit and have not yet completed a credential, another 403,000 could benefit from completing a GED/ high school equivalency.  Pursuing their education provides these Michigan Comebackers with the opportunity to connect to a job in demand, start a new career or finish a long-held personal goal.  

It’s no secret that American businesses are having difficulty finding workers with the skills they need to fill jobs in demand. At the same time, American workers are finding they are not able to move up in their company or secure a higher-wage job because they lack the credentials or degree required. The demand for an educated workforce remains high and adult learners need support to meet their education goals.

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Join the AARP Michigan Ambassadors in letting Michiganders know about the unique opportunity paths available to all Michiganders and as they encourage their friends, family, and peers that it’s never too late to make their come back to education!  Importantly, Ambassadors are helping Michigan achieve the Sixty by 30  Goal, established by the State of Michigan, to increase educational attainment, and it is our belief that older adults can be a key asset to Michigan in achieving this goal.  

In Michigan, there are three opportunity pathways.

Opportunity Pathway 1: For adults without a high school diploma or equivalency, earn a High School equivalency: HiSET, GED or high school diploma.

Learn More, Earn More
The State of Michigan has a list of services and resources available to adults. Visit:  Some of these resources include: 

  • Adult Education Services Locator: For adult education, English literacy, locations for equivalency exams or high school diploma completion programs  and more, call 517-335-5858 or click here
  • HSE to School Program: Based on available funding, this program covers the cost of one attempt of each subject area for the high school equivalency testing (GED or HiSET) for Michigan residents who meet eligibility. For more info, click here. You can also email  or call 517-335-5858. 

Opportunity Pathway 2: For adults with a high school diploma, earn a college certificate or associate's degree.

Michigan Reconnect
This statewide funded program provides free in-district tuition, mandatory fees, and contact hours for accepted and eligible applicants to pursue a Pell Grant eligible associate degree or certificate program. Apply on the Michigan Reconnect website and review frequently asked questions. Visit the Michigan Reconnect website here:  View an interactive map of the community colleges here.

Opportunity Pathway 3: For adults with some college credit or an associate’s degree, earn a bachelor's degree. 

Get MI Degree
The Michigan Association of State Universities  features a listing of public 4 year universities in Michigan. Be sure to inquire within the admissions office to determine if there are any tuition discounts available to senior citizens. To view the public four year universities, visit: 

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If you're interested in becoming a Lifelong Learning Ambassador
or have questions about the program, contact Andrea Palmer
by email at or phone at (517) 267-8929.

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