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AARP Michigan knocks on 500 doors in Flint


AARP Michigan is helping Flint rebuild from the water crisis. AARP volunteers have visited more than 500 homes in city neighborhoods to get consent forms signed so water service lines can be replaced.

Those who have had their lines replaced should keep in mind these next steps: Remember to flush your pipes for 15 minutes afterwards to remove any residue or sediment. Remove the faucet aerator before you flush your pipes, and then replace it. Also, turn off your filter while you flush the pipes, and then turn it back on.

Paula D. Cunningham, AARP Michigan State Director, said the door-to-door canvass in Flint was a rewarding experience.

"I wish I had the words to describe the kind of response we get when we knock on the doors,” she said. "We've seen everything from a woman crying who said, in her words, we're doing god's work to a gentlemen who just literally raised his shirt and then showed us the rash which he attributed to the lead in the water and just gave us a big hug."

AARP conducted a survey this summer of older Flint residents, which revealed that many feel pipe replacement is the biggest priority in addressing the water crisis. Mayor Karen Weaver recently announced that 800 homes will receive new water pipes in phase three of the FAST Start Initiative.

AARP is making a long-term commitment to continue outreach to residents when it comes to pipe replacement and other water-related issues, Cunningham said. Volunteers will be back in the neighborhoods in the spring collecting permission cards when pipe replacement starts up again. And when volunteers come knocking, she asks residents to open their doors.

"It will really help if folks will let the volunteers in and sign those forms,” she said. "Brigideeer General [Michael] McDaniel has said that they can do hundreds more homes once they get these forms signed so please be responsive to the knock on the door if you see an AARP volunteer."

Michigan has set aside about $27 million for pipe replacement in the city. About 200 lines already have been replaced.

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