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AARP Michigan offers host of relevant programs

If you don't know about our fraud watch, finances for the 50 and older, or Age-Friendly Communities programs, you don't know "aarp."

AARP Michigan is about so much more than you might think.

Here's a sampling of presentations and events offered by AARP Michigan:

Fraud Watch Network

The Fraud Watch Network presentation provides current statistics on identity theft and fraud, identifies the frauds and scams that are trending in Michigan, and the approach scam artists to take to defraud their victims. Tips about how someone might protect themselves against fraud, scams, and identity theft are offered.  Additional information in the form of booklets and brochures and other resources are provided.

Time: 2 hours

AARP HomeFit Program

The AARP HomeFit program was developed to educate older adults how to navigate all living spaces independently to allow them to remain in their own homes as they age.  Participants receive information on how to easily evaluate their own home for “livability” should they themselves or one of their family members become unable to use stairs, or must rely on assistive devices. It is designed help individuals plan for independence, choice and dignity as they age.  Participants will receive a personal copy of the AARP Home Fit Guide.

Life Reimagined

Life Reimagined offers a unique opportunity for individuals to take inventory of their accomplishments and guide them to identify their, “What’s Next”. This session offers participants the opportunity to reflect on their lives, identify new or existing goals and develop a plan to accomplish these goals.  We offer a positive, supportive environment, allowing participants to discuss and plan their next steps. Time: 2 hours


Participants find out how the fit of their car affects their driving and how to adjust their vehicle to their changing needs. During a 20 minute one-on-one session a trained CarFit technician will go through the 12-point checklist and suggest adjustments and adaptations to improve comfort, control, confidence and safety while behind the wheel.

Time: Full event is 3 hours; individual appointments take 20 minutes each. Event takes place outside and is only offered between May and September due to weather.

Finances 50+

The Finances 50+ is an educational seminar offering participants an opportunity to learn about and plan for budgeting and setting financial goals (week 1), assessing and planning for credit and debt (week 2), and developing a savings plan and protecting assets (week 3). Participants will receive a planning workbook

Time: 2 hours each week over a three week period; alternatively you may choose to offer one condensed presentation.

Age Friendly Communities

This twenty minute presentation provides information and statistics related to our changing demographics and highlights the need to assess how our communities address the economic and social factors impacting the health and well-being of older adults. Participants will learn about the economic impact older adults have on a community and hear more about this program, and how it may benefit their community.

Time commitment: 30 minutes include Q&A time


This presentation may vary in length, from 30 minutes to one hour. This presentation focuses on the AARP Michigan Legislative Agenda, the legislative issues AARP is currently addressing on a state and federal level, and will identify how participants may become involved AARP advocacy.

Time commitment: Varies

General AARP

This thirty minute presentation offers a brief overview of the history of AARP, who we are, and what we do. Participants will learn more about the issues and activities that AARP Michigan is engaged in and information related to our efforts in communities.

Time commitment: 30 minutes – 1 hour.


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