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Volunteers reach thousands in Flint

Flint water crisis door to door 4

AARP Michigan volunteers and staff have reached out to nearly 4,000 Flint residents this spring to let them know they need to sign consent forms in order to get their lead-tainted water service lines replaced.

More than 50 red-shirted volunteers canvassed Flint neighborhoods on Saturday with an assist from members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity of mid-Michigan and Triumph Church, which served as home base for the volunteers.

So far this spring, 3,866 Flint residents have been reached door-to-door or by mail. Volunteers will visit about 1,700 more homes in the weeks ahead.

Catherine Moore of Jackson has been a lead volunteer of the effort. She has mapped and organized canvassing routes.

“We really couldn’t have come this far without Catherine, our volunteers, Kappa Alpha Psi and Triumph Church,” said Paula D. Cunningham, State Director of AARP Michigan. “This has been an amazing team effort.”

AARP Michigan is helping Flint rebuild from the water crisis. The campaign launched last fall when AARP volunteers and staff visited more than 500 homes in city neighborhoods to get permission cards signed.

Those who have had their lines replaced should keep in mind these next steps: Remember to flush pipes for 15 minutes afterwards to remove any residue or sediment. Remove the faucet aerator before flushing pipes, and then replace it. Also, turn off the filter while flushing the pipes, and then turn it back on.

AARP conducted a survey last year of older Flint residents, which revealed that many feel pipe replacement is the biggest priority in addressing the water crisis. Mayor Karen Weaver announced that homes will receive new water pipes through the FAST Start Initiative.

For more information on pipe replacement, visit or call FAST Start at (810) 410-1133.

For information about volunteering in Flint, contact Kimberley Bishop at or 517-267-8914.


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