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Get into the holiday spirit - literally!


🎄🌟 Get into the holiday spirit - literally! 🌟🎄

Celebrate the season with our staff favorites!

As the holidays twinkle on the horizon, we're thrilled to share our curated list of festive delights. It's time for you to weigh in and cast your vote for the ultimate holiday favorite! From cozy comforts to sparkling novelties, our staff has handpicked a collection that embodies the spirit of the season.

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Chai Spice Mule
"The Chai Spice Mule belongs to the family of drinks that stem from the Moscow Mule, a plucky, sweet and refreshing highball made with ginger beer, vodka, and lime," according to "This particular approach increases the depth of the highball by using chai spices, which adds an autumnal richness to it."

Cocoa Buie II
From Town & Country, "There's not much better when it's chilly out than settling in with a steaming hot cup of cocoa. It's an instant dose of nostalgia that will warm you from the inside out. But if you find yourself hankering for a slightly more grown-up twist on the classic sip, well, you're not alone."

Coquito, which means "little coconut" in Spanish, is traditionally served during the December holidays. It's a Puerto Rican beverage made with coconut cream, coconut milk, spices and rum.

Eggnog with Bourbon
Festive and indulgent, eggnog with bourbon is a holiday drink that combines the rich and creamy flavors of traditional eggnog with the bold and warming notes of bourbon. The harmonious balance of flavors makes it a popular choice when looking to add a touch of sophistication to festive celebrations.

Hot Toddy
A hot toddy is a classic and comforting warm beverage often enjoyed when the weather turns colder. It's a well-balanced beverage that combines the comforting qualities of a hot drink with the distinct character of spirits, creating a soothing and enjoyable experience.

Mulled “Wine” (non-alcoholic)
A popular choice for gatherings and celebrations, mulled wine provides not only a comforting and festive warmth but also fills the air with a delightful aroma. The combination of red wine and aromatic spices creates a cozy experience, making it a beloved tradition in many cultures, particularly during colder months and festive seasons. Skipping on the alcohol? Simply use a non-alcoholic red wine or dark red berry juices.

Vodka & Cranberry Juice
A straight-forward and easy-to-make cocktail, vodka cranberry is a popular choice for social occasions where a refreshing, versatile beverage is necessary. According to, "A proper Vodka Cranberry also uses a touch of Rose’s sweetened lime and some orange juice to bring out the best of the cranberry flavor."

White Russian
Simple yet sophisticated, the White Russian cocktail is known for its rich and indulgent flavor profile. It's gained popularity as a dessert-like drink and is a favorite for those who appreciate a velvety and slightly decadent cocktail experience.


Winter Wonderland
The dazzling and decadent winter wonderland cocktail is creamy, flavorful, and surprisingly easy to make. Whether you’re curled up by the fire or hosting a festive party, this delicious martini variation will have you falling in love with winter!
1.5 ounces vodka
3/4 ounce peppermint schnapps
3/4 ounce white chocolate liqueur
Cane sugar
Candy cane or peppermint stick

Join us in spreading the joy this holiday season!
Cast your votes (with this link), share your favorites and let's make this festive list sparkle with the collective magic of the season.

May your holidays be merry and bright!

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