For those possibly facing water shutoffs in Detroit, here’s a rundown on resources for assistance:

Cobo Water Fair  

Learn about water assistance options, how to save water and make payment arrangements to avoid a shut-off during a Water Fair at Cobo Hall on Saturday, Aug. 23 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The fair is presented by Council President Brenda Jones and Mayor Mike Duggan. Free parking available at Ford Underground and Millenium Parking Garage.

To sign up for a payment plan, bring current, valid government-issued ID; your most recent walter bill; and a check, credit card or cash to pay at least 10% of your remaining balance.

Talk to agencies that can provide additional help to seniors and persons with disabilities.

Detroit Water Fund

 The United Way of Southeastern Michigan and the City of Detroit have established a water support fund to help customers catch up on overdue bills.

 Detroit Water Fund Eligibility

— Customers must visit their local Detroit Water and Sewerage Department in order to enter into a payment plan agreement, and make a 10% down payment on their outstanding bill.

 — The fund will pay up to 25% of a customer’s monthly bill for up to 12 months.

 — Customers must continue to pay their remaining portion of the bill each month in order to remain eligible.

 Who’s Eligible 

 — Customers who have an outstanding balance between $300 and $1,000;

 — Maintain Average Water Usage for their household size;

 — Customers who are enrolled in DTE’s Low Income Self-Sufficiency Plan (LSP) OR have incomes at or below 150% of the federal poverty level ($17,505 for an individual;$23,595 for a family of two; $35,775 for a family of four).

For those who don’t qualify

 For customers who don’t meet the qualifications for DRWAP, there are other options.  Customers can enter into the DWSD Budget Plan, which will spread their bills evenly over 12 months and there also is the Payment Plan Agreement which can be tailored for the individual customer’s needs. 

 Additional Local Community Resources that Provide Utility Bill Support

 Wayne County Veterans Affairs Department – Former and discharged veterans and their families (spouses, widows, children, and other immediate family members) can apply for rent, utility and energy bill assistance. 28 W Adams, Suite 1710, Grand Park Centre Bldg, Detroit, Michigan 48226, (313) 224-5045.

 Community and Home Supports provides funds and grants of up to $1,500 to pay rent, deposits, electric, heating, or utility bills. The Palms Building, 2111 Woodward Ave, Suite 608, Detroit, Michigan 48201, (313) 964-2566.

 Saint Christine Christian Services provides emergency financial assistance once per year for rent, mortage help, utility bill assistance, prescription medications, bus fare, and medical bills. Phone (313) 535-7272.

 Society of Saint Vincent DePaul – Archdiocese of Detroit offers temporary financial assistance for heating and utility bills, rent, and others. Families and individuals who are experiencing an unexpected financial crisis or emergency may qualify for help. Phone (313) 393-2930.

 Michigan Department of Human Services may provide help to families and individuals facing extreme hardship or emergencies that threaten their health and safety. Programs include Home Rehabilitation Grants, Mortgage Payment Assistance, Moving Expense Assistance, Household Goods Vouchers, Property Tax Payment Assistance, Water Bill Service Payment Assistance, Rent Payment Assistance, Rental Deposit Assistance, Undesignated Temporary Financial Assistance, and Utility Deposit Assistance. Phone (313) 361-7300.





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