Summertime Utilities TipsIf you want to keep keep cool and lower your utility bills this summer, you might want to consider these top 10 money-saving tips:

  • Check air filter regularly to improve system efficiency and check air conditioner for coolant leaks.
  • Set thermostat at 78 degrees and shut windows and doors when air conditioner is running.
  • Keep lamps, televisions or other heat sources away from air conditioner.
  • Do not block ducts or fans with furniture or other obstacles.
  • Close window coverings to keep rooms cooler.
  • Turn ceiling fans on low, keep doors open for air flow.
  • Clean vents and registers to ensure maximum cool air output.
  • Use ovens or clothes dryers during coolest time of the day
  • Keep lights off as much as possible.
  • Call your local energy provider for a free home energy audit.


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