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The Arts and Livable Communities

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Livable Communities bring people together and inspire a sense of belonging, and art creates a space for that to happen. Walking through a sculpture garden, admiring vibrant murals that tell the stories of your community, attending live performances in the park or the theater, and/or visiting local museums can all be ways to reinvigorate your mind and body while also encouraging social participation for people of all ages. COVID-19 has presented unique challenges to these kinds of activities, but art continues to play a vital role in our lives. 

Artists are finding creative ways to get their work to the public to bring communities together and provide a respite from the stress and anxiety many are facing because of COVID-19, and local artists need our support as well. Organizations like Arts Wisconsin are working hard to advocate for creative businesses, creative sector workers, and communities so that we can all continue to experience the positive effects of art in our lives.

To celebrate American Artist Appreciation Month, Anne Katz, executive director of Arts Wisconsin, will join Thursdays With AARP Wisconsin on Thursday, August 13th at 11:00 am CT. Tune in to learn more about Arts Wisconsin and the role that art plays in creating and sustaining Livable Communities throughout the state. Join the conversation by sharing your comments and/or questions live via Facebook and YouTube, or send your questions before, during, or after the presentation to  

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