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What’s Your Plan To Lower Rx Prices?


Throughout the past few months, inflation has been driving up the prices of everyday goods, making things such as gas and groceries become unaffordable for many. These rising rates are scaring consumers and creating a fear of what the future may hold.

However, one product beats all others in its exponentially growing price rates: prescription drugs.

The rising price of prescription drugs beats the inflation rates of any common good. Had gas prices risen as fast as drug prices, gas would now cost $12.20 a gallon. The same goes for milk; milk would cost $13.00 a gallon were the prices to be adjusted to the rate of drug inflation.

These price disparities are forcing Americans to choose between buying groceries and refilling their essential prescriptions. The situation is particularly unfair for Americans 50+, who are in disproportional need of prescription drugs compared to the rest of the country’s population.

We all know people who require prescription drugs, what we don’t know is the struggle they go through to get them. The stories of Wisconsinites who cannot afford lifesaving drugs are heartbreaking, yet there is a way to prevent this.

We need policies that increase transparency in the drug supply chain, increase consumer protections, reduce current drug costs and prevent further price gouging by large pharmaceutical companies.

Wisconsin families are hurting, and it is because Big Pharma is choosing to continuously up their drug prices with their own interests in mind rather than patients. Medications do not work if people cannot afford to buy them.

It is outrageous that many individuals are choosing to opt-out of imperative prescription refills because of their irrational prices. In 2017 alone, 22% of Wisconsinites stopped taking their prescribed medications because it was too expensive to sustain.

Our state legislature has the power to make the necessary changes to prescription drug legislation. AARP wants to make sure that candidates for the Wisconsin state legislature know how important this issue is for 50+ Wisconsinites.  Next time you see a candidate for office, ask them this question:   

Medications don’t work if people can’t afford them and too many Wisconsinites are being forced to choose between filling life-saving medications or paying rent and buying food. What’s your plan to reduce the high cost of prescription drugs?

Every candidate for the Wisconsin State Assembly and Wisconsin State Senate should be able to answer that question.  

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