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Wisconsinites Age 50-Plus Are Critical to State's Future

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Wisconsinites age 50-plus contribute immensely to their communities. However, their impact is often forgotten. Rather than focusing on senior citizens, lawmakers and other community officials place their attention on providing services for younger generations.

However, individuals 50+ make up almost 40% of Wisconsin’s entire population, and 55% of registered voters. This means that those 50+ have an immense impact on Wisconsin communities in economically, socially, and politically engaging ways.

Wisconsin citizens over 50 account for more than half of consumer spending. They also make up almost 30% of the workforce and continue to bring in money to the state. For those who are no longer working, they are still making large contributions.

Wisconsin retirees collect an average of $428 million in Wisconsin Retirement System benefits and $1.8 billion in Social Security each month. Older citizens are also generating profits for Wisconsin through Medicaid and Medicare programs. Medicaid and Medicare generate around $8.9 billion and $5.5 trillion in benefits each year, respectively.

Not only do seniors make an enormous economic impact on our state, but they also provide essential social services. Many 50+ individuals act as unpaid family caregivers to their loved ones. Currently, over 580,000 Wisconsinites provide $3.4 million in unpaid care each year.

These caregivers perform essential duties such as meal prep, bathing, dressing, chores, transportation, managing medications and doctors’ appointments, and more. They also help our loved ones stay in contact with family and friends.

Without these caregivers, many individuals would not be able to sustain their well-being.

Citizens over 50 make a crucial impact on Wisconsin’s communities. They are essential to providing economic stability and social services. They also make up a large proportion of the voting population. Therefore, this demographic should not be ignored by lawmakers.

Next time you talk with a candidate for office, remind them how important individuals 50+ are to our state.

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