AARP DC participated in the Citi Open Tennis Tournament from August 3 -6, 2017. AARP DC’s mission was to spread awareness about the information and resources available in the AARP Fraud Watch Network. The engagement at the AARP DC exhibit booth included a survey that tested participants’ knowledge of the latest scams, and tactics being used to defraud unsuspecting individuals of their hard-earned money. Over the course of the four days:

  • 648 people took the fraud survey (with an average score of 53%)
  • 335 people signed up for AARP Fraud Watch Network

So, how did participants do on the survey? Check out the results!

The survey consisted of four questions with varying difficulty. You can review the results by clicking on each question below:

  1. How frequently does an identity theft occur?

      2. Approximately how many individuals are victims of fraud annually?

      3. What are some prevalent areas of fraud in Washington D.C.?

     4. Approximately how much is stolen annually from older adults as the result of fraud?

Question 3 had the most respondents answering correctly with 88% selecting All of the above (mortgage fraud, Medicare and Medicaid fraud, identity theft) as prevalent areas of fraud in the District.

Question 2, however, seemed to be the most difficult with only 34% of respondents answering correctly that approximately 13 million individuals are victims of fraud annually.

The survey was followed up by a fun spin-the-wheel portion where attendants had a chance to win one of several prizes including, sunblock, sunglasses, draw-string bags or our mystery prize. It was a fun, successful and engaging weekend and AARP DC would like to thank all the participants, members and volunteers who made Citi Open 2017 a massive success.

Take a look at the highlights of the weekend: