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Health insurance
Open Enrollment season is upon us. Now is the time to do research and determine which health plan is best for you, and your family in the year ahead.
Update as of July 16, 2018: Thank you for your interest in this activity with AARP DC. We have reached the event capacity of 50 participants. You may still register for the waitlist, but we cannot guarantee that a spot will be available for your participation.
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Some are considering cramming changes to Medicare and Social Security into a year-end budget deal to avoid the "fiscal cliff."  If the Medicare eligibility age goes up to 67, then 9,351, District seniors will be kicked off Medicare.  More data at  Private insurance will cost them $2,200 a year more, and all Medicare beneficiaries' premiums will increase if the youngest and healthiest beneficiaries are dropped from the program.
Join AARP for a free screening of the award-winning documentary, Age of Champions, about inspiring, older athletes who compete for gold at the National Senior Olympics, such as the Tatum brothers from DC. Watch the trailer and RSVP for free tickets at or call    1-877-926-8300.
Peer to Peer HIV/AIDS Counseling for Seniors in DC
According to the DC Department of Health, HIV and AIDS are increasing among older DC residents. In fact, more than one-third of the people living with HIV in DC are age 50+.  District of Columbia Mayor Vincent Gray says that 15 percent of new HIV and AIDS cases in the District are among older adults.
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