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AARP Alabama to show "Cyber-Seniors" in Mobile on September 7

Contact: Jamie Harding
Phone: 205-470-1265

September 3, 2014

AARP Movies for Grownups to Showcase the Film “Cyber-Seniors”

The documentary encourages older adults to get online and builds awareness around Grandparent’s Day

MOBILE, AL - AARP Alabama and Mentor Up, a new way to make a difference from AARP Foundation, will host a free screening of “Cyber-Seniors” on Sunday, September 7 at 4:15 PM at Mobile’s Crescent Theater. “Cyber-Seniors” is a documentary that takes a candid and humorous look at the victories and challenges seniors face as they collaborate with teenagers who help them cross the digital divide, enabling them to engage with the world around them via the Internet.

While the event is free, seating is limited, and reservations must be made in advance. To register, go to:
or call toll-free, 877-926-8300.

In celebration of Grandparents Day on September 7, the film highlights the impact of older adults and the benefits derived when generations work together. The “Cyber-Seniors” film illustrates some of the core components of Mentor Up, to encourage younger generations through volunteerism and community service to help people 50 and over who are struggling to navigate today’s realities.

“The reverse mentoring effort, Mentor Up, draws on the digital knowledge and ‘can do spirit’ of a younger generation to enhance the lives of older adults through technology literacy and the creation of meaningful relationships," said AARP Alabama’s Interim State Director, Candace Williams. "There are millions of adults 50 and older living in a state of vulnerability. Mentor Up -- together with ‘Cyber-Seniors’ -- draws awareness around this issue and creates opportunities for the generations to connect in a variety of ways, ultimately bringing them together."

"The idea for ‘Cyber-Seniors’ began after my sisters and I witnessed how the Internet changed my grandparents’ lives and deepened our relationships with them,” said director Saffron Cassaday. “So we were inspired to help get other seniors online and began tagging along and filming their computer lessons. From behind the camera, I saw a great story unfold as new friendships developed and new ways of connecting were discovered as generations came together to bridge the technology gap."

More information about “Cyber-Seniors” and Mentor Up can be found at:

“Cyber-Seniors” website:
On Facebook:
On Twitter: @cyberseniors
Mentor Up website and on Twitter @mentorup.

About the Film
A humorous and heartwarming documentary feature, CYBER-SENIORS chronicles the extraordinary journey of a group of colorful senior citizens and their equally engaging teenage mentors as the seniors discover the world of the Internet through the guidance of their youthful teachers. Their tentative, exploratory steps together in cyber-space catapults to a feverous pitch when Shura, a grandmotherly 89 year-old, connects with her competitive spirit when her YouTube cooking video logs thousands of views and sparks a rather serious competition with her fellow cyber-seniors. This charming film provides insight into the wonderful things that can happen when generation gaps are bridged and proves you are never too old to get 'connected'.

About Mentor Up
Mentor Up is a new way to make a difference from AARP Foundation that brings together the younger generation's energy and talents to pursue reverse mentoring and community service opportunities that help people 50 and older. In addition, Mentor Up is also working with organizations rooted in service and driven by social missions, including the 4-H Council,, Generations United, The Intergenerational Center at Temple University, Magic Johnson Foundation and Facebook. For more information about Mentor Up, visit:

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Area23a is an independently owned “event” based theatrical distribution company, co-founded by distribution specialists Richard Abramowitz and Kirt Eftekhar. The company focuses on event driven films, providing value-added distribution through alternative ways to reach audiences across the country, releasing films in convention and performing art centers, libraries, museums, and college campuses, in addition to traditional venues like theaters, cinematheques and festivals. Area23a distributes award-winning films such as Dan Sturman and Bill Guttentag’s SOUNDTRACK FOR A REVOLUTION, Michael Paul Stephenson’s BEST WORST MOVIE, Gerardine Wurzburg’s WRETCHES and JABBERERS, Adrian Grenier’s TEENAGE PAPARAZZO , Chris Paine’s REVENGE OF THE ELECTRIC CAR, BURN directed by Tom Putnam and Brenda Sanchez and most recently FOLLOWING THE NINTH directed by Kerry Candaele.

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