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UA offers tuition relief that could help parents & grandparents

Have your children or grandchildren moved away and are looking for a way to come back to Alaska to earn an undergraduate or post graduate degree? The University of Alaska may have just made that easier by waiving its non-resident tuition fees for the 2015-2016 school year.

According to University President Pat Gamble, “To be eligible, students must prove lineal descent from a current Alaska resident through birth certificates and other vital records which may include proof of shareholder status in a regional corporation created by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, or proof of a parent or grandparent’s of an Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend. Students qualifying under this exemption must move to and reside in the state during their course of study.

Rosemary Hagevig, president of AARP Alaska and University of Alaska Southeast Advisory Committee member, welcomes this news as added relief for many parents and grandparents who have to shoulder some or all of the cost of college education for their children. “As older adults in Alaska have to pay more for food, health care, gas and utilities, more and more are worried about their financial and retirement security. Not only does this make Alaska more competitive when it comes to attracting college students, it will make the state more competitive as we look for ways to attract jobs that require a skilled workforce.”

For more information about the waiver, tuition and admissions requirements at the University of Alaska campuses, visit ; or


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