Meet our volunteers and find opportunities to get involved with our outreach and community service programs.
Volunteer in Milwaukee County
Alaskans of any age are capable of serving their community. That’s Nona Safra’s message as an honorary member of the Alaska State Fair Royalty.
Alaska Andrus Award Winner Sue Nielsen
Sue Nielsen Receives AARP’s Most Prestigious Volunteer Award, Marking Two Generations of Andrus Award winners
The number of hungry Alaskans is growing as the COVID-19 pandemic continues into the holiday season. More and more people are experiencing "food insecurity," or a lack of consistent access to enough food.
AARP Logo with state logos in background
Ken Helander, Director of Advocacy, AARP Alaska
Alaska End of Session Wrap-Up 2016
Anne Drago
AARP Alaska recently sat down with Anne Drago, Chair of the AARP Anchorage Community Council.
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