Every day, scam artists target unsuspecting victims like seniors and even college students to get their hard-earned money. And they succeed. They find victims by phone, the Internet, and even through churches. You’d be surprised at the tactics they use.

That’s why AARP launched the Fraud Watch Network – so you won’t be surprised.

The Fraud Watch Network is a campaign by AARP to fight identity theft and fraud and give you access to information so you can protect yourself and your family. Starting this summer, AARP’s Fraud Watch Network volunteers in Alabama will share tools and resources you need to avoid becoming a victim.

All of our speakers are trained to provide easy-to-understand information to community groups and organizations. But we need more volunteers so we can reach more people.

To become a Fraud Watch Network volunteer, contact Anne Hails at 334-954-3061, or email ahails@aarp.org.

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