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AARP Idaho Opposes HB 205 - Unnecessary Absentee Voting Requirements

Voting is every citizen’s right and House Bill 205 places undue restrictions on how Idahoans can vote. 

A man walks out of an absentee voting station after voting

Read the full text of House Bill 205 here.

The allowable provisions to vote by absentee ballot are heavily restrictive and unwarranted. 

  • Many older Idahoans have earned their right to travel when they want and for as long as they want; they worked hard all their lives and want to have the freedom to travel as they please.  However, the restrictions placed in this bill would suggest people would need to plan their trips around elections and this is an unnecessary burden. 
  • Others may not feel comfortable being near other people; they may be ill, have a disability, or hospitalized.  However, if they feel more comfortable voting by absentee ballot, they should be able to exercise that option; their right to vote should not be taken away. 
  • We should be focusing on options to encourage more people to vote instead of placing barriers to keep them from voting.

Contact your Legislator and let them know you oppose unnecessary voting restrictions.

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