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Driver Safety

Distracted driving unfortunately continues to be a big issue on our roads. According to the most recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) data from 2021, 13% of reported motor-vehicle crashes were the result of distracted driving. These useful tips and resources from AARP Driver Safety will help you eliminate distractions and stay safe when behind the wheel.
Summer is here and that means Idaho road trips!
AARP Idaho is pleased to welcome Becky Young of Blackfoot, as the new state coordinator of the Driver Safety Program in Idaho. As state coordinator, Young will organize and oversee all of the volunteer driver safety instructors who teach courses in cities and towns across the Gem State.
AARP Driver Safety (ADS) is seeking a highly qualified person to serve as the next State Coordinator for Idaho. The current State Coordinator, Roger Wheeler, has decided to retire from the position. This is an unpaid volunteer position. Any ADS volunteer or individual outside of the program is welcomed to apply. Please refer to the attached position description for additional information.
You’ve probably seen the ironic bumper stickers claiming “Dog is My Copilot.” It may be a play on words, but it’s also frequently true, especially during the holiday season. Idahoans all over the state will be making the rural-trek to see family and friends, with their “furry copilot.”
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