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AARP Volunteer Fred Turner: In His Own Words vol. 1

Welcome to the 1st edition of the Idaho AARP Blog as told by AARP volunteer (and former Montana State football player) Fred Turner.

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As I listen to the morning news, you can’t escape the thought of high gas prices at $5.00+/gal.  It kind of puts a hamper on my car sick rides.  My wife is not a fan of my rides within 100 miles of home and due to the gas prices, it looks like she is going to win, and I’ll get to stay home and work on the house and yard.  Don’t mind though, since I almost have my garden complete.  My neighbor is at the door bringing me a couple of squash and zucchini plants for my garden.

The July Fourth Holiday signals the midpoint of the summer season, but with gas prices where they are, coming and going will be limited   I oiled my bike chain and wheel bearings last weekend, and will see if those quick trips to the grocery store can be done on the bike.  Nearest Convenience Store is a mile away while the Grocery Store is a little over 3 miles away.  Maybe I’ll get some much-needed additional exercise in the bargain. 

By the way, weekly exercise, according to St. Luke’s Lifestyle ( and the CDC should include enough exercise to meet or exceed 150 minutes weekly.

As I look out the window over my computer screen, my neighbors are readying their campers for weekend travels.  One is off to one of the Utah National Parks and the other to Rigby for a grandson's baseball game.  I guess and hope their travels don’t include Yellowstone Park.  The videos on the news of the flooding and snow melt make me thankful I am in my comfy home tending my garden and mowing my grass.  My bride and I are off to one of the fancy restaurants tonight to celebrate 59 years together, make that more like 63 years when I throw in our dating time.  To celebrate our time together we are planning a cruise of the Inside Passage to Alaska with our family.

One of my other neighbors recently took his camper to visit some friends in Kalispell, MT. and it cost him $800.00 in gas alone.  He may have to take camping excursions within a tank of gas of home round trip.  He gets 5 miles/gal, so it takes a few bucks to fill his 100-gallon gas tank.  My economy car gets great fuel mileage but at $5.00+/gal, it still costs me a nickel every mile to drive.

As we left our subdivision, my wife commented on the fact that the parks pressure irrigation was on even though my backyard rain gauge showed 1 ¾” of rain over the weekend.  Pointed out to her, the landscape people would probably have to turn it off and that could cause added expense to the homeowners.  The sprinkling times are set automatically anyway, and it would be a pain to turn the control off and then back on.  I shut mine off a couple of days ago and am glad I did since we got the much-welcomed rain.  Can’t help but wonder if the weekend rain made a dent in the forecasted drought conditions.

Are you doing anything different with your watering schedule???? If you are, let us know and we will share with our readers.

Inflation and more of it.  Just got my electric bill along with the notice that electrical energy next year will probably increase by almost 8 %.  The gas company sent me the notice to expect a 25% raise next year.  Can’t wait to get my sewer, garbage, & water bill?????

Medicare covers the cost of most health care but be sure you know your Medicare coverage if you are considering Vision, Dentistry, or Hearing. Coverage for these health care needs is limited.  Anticipate a copayment for those services.

That’s all for now.  See you next time.

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