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Kansas Cold Weather Rule Begins November 1, 2020

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The Cold Weather Rule, which is in effect from November 1 through March 31 each year, helps ensure that Kansans will have electric, gas, and water service in their homes during the winter. In order to participate in the program, residential customers must work with utility providers to make special payment arrangements.

Here's how the Cold Weather Rule works according to the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC):

If you can't pay your entire bill, call your utility company to make pay arrangements:

  • Agree to pay 1/12 of the overdue amount of your bill, plus 1/12 of your current bill, all disconnection and reconnection fees plus any applicable deposit owed to the utility, and agree to pay the remainder in equal payments over the next 11 months; or
  • Negotiate a payment plan to pay the overdue amount off quicker than 12 months.
  • Remember, you must also pay your full bills for new service you use while paying off the overdue amount.

If you are behind in a previous payment plan and cannot catch up, you need to make a new payment agreement with the utility. If you have illegally used service, you must pay for the value of the illegally used service.

Utilities in Kansas must inform you of the Cold Weather Rule payment plan as well as other available payment plans. Remember, under the Cold Weather Rule, you always have the option of spreading your payment over a total of 12 months. Also, know that utilities must send written notice to customers 10 days before disconnection, plus attempt a phone call or personal contact the day before. In addition, utilities must tell customers about agencies that have funds to help pay utility bills. For information about the Kansas Low Income Energy Assistance program (LIEAP), visit

Can you be disconnected during the Cold Weather Rule?

A utility can't disconnect you when the temperature is forecasted to drop below 35 degrees Fahrenheit within the following 48-hour period, except in certain circumstances. To prevent disconnection when it is 35 degrees or above, or to be reconnected regardless of temperature, you must make pay arrangements with your utility. A utility may start the final notification and disconnection process if there is a 48 hour forecast of temperatures above 35 degrees. If the 48 hour forecast changes before the period ends and there is a forecast of below 35 degrees, the utility cannot disconnect until there is another Cold Weather Rule 48 hour forecast of temperatures above 35 degrees.

If you have questions about the Cold Weather Rule or other utility-related matters, you can contact the KCC by calling 800-662-0027.

View/Print a Cold Weather Rule information flyer (English).

View/Print a Cold Weather Rule information flyer (Spanish).


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