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Summer-- By AARP Kansas Director Maren Turner


Here I go celebrating another holiday! I can’t help it.  Each month presents an array of official and unofficial opportunities to learn more about a culture, bring attention to a concern we could all work together and solve, or just enjoy life! June is no different. This month is a great time to celebrate the adoption of our flag, the diversity of our population, the importance of fathers, and the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice! The Summer Solstice occurs around June 21 st  here in the US and is sometimes referred to as “Midsummer”. Formal celebrations include festivals across the United States, such as the Midsummer’s Festival in Lindsborg, which features a Kubb Tournament among other family favorites.

But whether you connect the beginning of summer with a specific date or not, June and summer go together and AARP has some great ideas to get you started. If you enjoy grilling, why not sign up for the AARP Health Newsletter or try one of the healthy summer BBQ foods such as scallop skewers, grilled tempeh with mustard greens, wasabi tuna burgers, or grilled bread with olive oil, garlic and tomato! Yum! Or check-out our Summer Savings Quiz and test your bargain hunting skills before you buy your next bottle of champagne, work on your lawn, or decide how to operate your ceiling fan during the summer. Or you may be interested in tips from Dr. Oz on how to take care of your skin this summer to keep it healthy and avoid over exposure to the sun. And if you are looking for something to do in your neighborhood, join us throughout the summer in places like Wichita for the dedication of the Grandparent’s Park, or Nicodemus to help celebrate the Homecoming, or visit our booth at the Kansas State Fair.

There is just so much to do this summer and I really hope this year will be your best! Visit us often at or on Facebook at to become more involved. And for those of you who tweet, follow us at

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